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Shri Sai Akhanda Jyoti

Om Sri Sai Raja Ram! Baba always thrived for the welfare of the devotees. Baba is always with his devotees to overcome the challenges due to sanchita karmas (Past Karmas) and put them on right path to protect them from Agami karmas (future karmas). 

Baba had shown easy way for his devotees to get his grace i.e., either through chanting his name (Namasmarana) or remembering him (Satcharitra parayana). In the recent years, He even has elevated few great souls through his divine message and entrusted them as Gurus like Ram Ratanji Maharaj and Raja Mataji. These Gurus are helping Sai devotees to overcome their strong Sanchita Karmas, through certain austerities like Akhanda Jyoti.

Sainath in one of his messages declared that the Akhanda Jyoti was the symbolic image of His soul and He would remain in the form of that light according to the wish of the householder for 49 days in their houses. The program warrants that from the time Sri Ram Ratanji initiates the lighting, for seven weeks(49 days), the worship of Baba be done giving 4 Aratis every day and not less than seven people reading the divine biography of Baba with devotion and dedication.

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Ram Ratanji Maharaj

Dr. Gudlavalleti Venkataratanam garu graduated in Medicine and practiced medicine in his own hospital of 40 bed size. He was also working as Doctor in District Police Welfare Hospital. While he is happy providing medical services to needy people, Sri Saibaba entrusted him to take the spiritual path by giving him Darshan in 1994 on Toli Ekadashi day. Baba wrote “Tatvamasi Ahambrahmasmi” on his tongue with index finger, revealed his previous birth details as Dr. Pillai and long association with him over 47 births. Baba also said that disembodied voice heard by Doctor was his own voice and he is the conscience of his soul. Doctor was advised to stop the doctor profession to start the Akhanda Jyoti Prajwalana mission and spread the Baba’s divine messages among his devotees. Baba also named him as Ramratanji. 

Doctor, when he was not keen on leaving his profession, Baba said that he is “Doctor of Doctors” and would cure untreatable physical and mental ailments through this Sai Akhanda Jyoti. His diving grace will be spread every part of India through Doctor.

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Sri Sai Satabdi Akhanda Jyoti Stupam

Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Shirdi Saiababa gave many spiritual messages to Sri Sri Sri Siddha yogi Guru Ram Ratanji. In one of the messages, Baba entrusted his devotees to build 100 feet stupa in Guru Datta Kshetra, Gudur District as commemoration of his 100 years of his Divya Samadhi day in Shirdi. The sacred image of the stupa was to resemble (Akhanda) Jyoti.

He assured that this stupa will be most powerful and he would take karmas of devotees visiting this Maha Stupa. He also assured, that the devotees who does Anushtana with Shradda and Saburi and with dwandateeta bhava would be blessed with waves of God’s power, which in turn will spread in the premises of stupa. These waves will change the direction and put devotee on right path both mentally and physically, thus taking him off the shore of sear of calamities. 

In his message Sri Saibaba announced that he has entrusted the construction of this powerful stupa to Sri Guru Ram Ratanji in recognition of his spiritual journey and great faith in Saibaba. He also apprised devotees that there would be many hurdles in completing this stupa yet he commanded to take our feet back in completing this. 

There’s always something going on at saisatabdistupam, from new exhibitions to seasonal events and tours, so take the time to visit and discover the hidden treasures of this tremendous Historic Site. Get your admission ticket now and don’t miss out.

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Sri Saibaba said having Darshan of Stupa, touching the stupa, making pradakshin around the stupa, sleeping one night in premises of stupa and consuming sacred prasad there would get a great relief from difficulties due to Sanchita Karmas, depression and mental agonies. 

Baba also assured that, one who contribute for construction of stupa in their capacity will be blessed and their responsibility is taken onto his shoulders for seven generations and for seven births.

Devotees are requested to do the seva at the sacred place in their own capacity.

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Guru Dattakshetram Gudur

Sai baba temple, Guru Dattakshetram, Guduru, Krishna dt, Andhra Pradesh

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